Sep 2 2012

Butterfly Giveaway

Does seeing a butterfly remind you of your baby? Well, here’s your chance to win one of three decorative butterflies that are ready for you to customize!


Each of these three plastic butterflies have been primed and are ready for you to paint or decorate however your heart desires! Sizes are small (5 inches wide), medium (7.5 inches wide), and large (9.5 inches wide).

To enter, leave a comment and tell us how you would customize your butterfly to represent your baby (we’ll also need your name and e-mail address). You will automatically be entered for all three giveaways. We will announce the winners here, on twitter, and our facebook page on Friday, September 14th!

Winner of the small butterfly will be randomly selected on Monday, September 10. Winner of the medium butterfly will be randomly selected on Tuesday, September 11. Winner of the large butterfly will be randomly selected on Wednesday, September 12.

Jun 18 2012

Your First Day Back to Work?

What was your first day back at work like after your loss? Did you return to the same job or find a new one? How did you tell your co-workers/boss what happened? How did they treat you afterwards? What advice do you have for families returning to work after pregnancy and infant loss?

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Feb 27 2012

What was your First Craving?

What was your first craving? Food or drink? Savory or sweet? Junk food or health food? How long did the cravings last?

Share your stories with us!

Feb 11 2012

Project The First!

After my son was stillborn at 37 weeks, all I could think about were all the firsts I would miss with him. Things like his first step, first word, first birthday, first day of school, first boo-boo, first . . . the list goes on. While reminiscing with a friend over his pregnancy it dawned on me that it’s just too painful to focus on all the things we won’t experience and that I need to focus on the things we DID experience. Before I knew it, the list of firsts we shared together was multiplying, which prompted me to start our very first Grieve Out Loud Writing Challenge: Project The First!

Our first writing challenge was to write about the first piece of furniture you bought. When applicable we’re asking everyone to share their stories through comments, on our Facebook Page, on Twitter using #GOLthefirst, or creating a blog/journal entry. Every two weeks we will announce our next writing topic. Topics will vary from week to week. We hope you will consider participating!