Sep 30 2011

A Look Back

Today is the last day of my 30 days of muchness challenge. Want to take a moment to look back and share some of my experiences with you.

Day 1 was probably the hardest day of my entire challenge. There was a family baby shower happening over Labor Day weekend and I knew I wanted to create something unique for baby H.

It was my first creative project (and baby shower) since my own son died and just the idea of creating something for another baby (boy) had me in limbo. Found some woodblocks at the resale shop a few days prior and with a little burst of creativity I decided to create some nursery artwork. With the help of some black acrylic paint, a sharpie, a ruler and spray adhesive I began digging into my fabric stash and pulling out some of my favorite swatches.

By day 3 my present was complete with an added bonus of swatches used in my son’s nursery. Now a little piece of my son will be shared with their new family.

Day 13 was a prep day for my husband’s birthday. Decided early on that I would create monster cupcakes for him. Went to the candy store and bought loads of penny candies for decorating.

Day 14 was his birthday and so began hand-creating 30 uniquely different cupcakes. Along the way I found myself creating cupcakes for our son, since his birthday would be coming up next. Decided right then and there that this year I would ask my friends and family to honor our son by making or buying a cupcake and sending us a picture.

Day 17 I gather my son’s urn and carried him downstairs to take his annual picture next to his memorial jade plant. It’s amazing to see how much his plant has grown!

Day 18 was his 2 year birthday. We spent the day at Kings Island and made sure to walk through Planet Snoopy in his honor. When we returned home my best friend surprised me with a visit. She wrote his name out in cupcakes and goodies and it really made my day.

Later that evening a friend sent me a picture of her jade plant and a cupcake for our boy. It was another heart-warmer because I actually took a cutting from my jade plant to send to her in memory of her son R.

Day 28 I woke up to balloons and candy! I thought for sure my husband got his days mixed up. Comes to find out he wanted to kick off my 30th birthday with 3 days of celebration!

Day 29 I woke up to a beautiful fall mum with a note “A mum for Mom” (which totally melted my heart!)

Day 30 it was all about my chocolate cake!!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed the look back on my 30 days of muchness. Thanks to all who followed my journey and kept me on the muchness track. Special thanks to Tova for thinking this up and sharing it with us! If you are interested in taking the muchness challenge yourself, click here for all the info.

Jun 24 2010

Creative Solutions – Planting

*As part of our Care Packages, I have sent some of our Pen-Pals cuts from my son’s Jade Plant. Here is the full story.*

On September 18th, 2009 my son, Evel was born still. A few days after we returned from the hospital, my husband and I started a Jade Plant in his honor.

(My son’s urn [yes, a Hello Kitty boy!] and his Jade Plant.)

It has been a pleasure watching his Jade Plant grow. We just pasted the nine month mark and it amazes me how big his plant has grown. That is why I have decided to share my pleasures with some of you.

You don’t have to be a green thumb to start a small memory plant for your baby. Jade plants grow both indoors and out, although we keep ours indoors. Just place the leaf or stem in a small pot, pack it with lots of soil and give it a generous watering. If you received a leaf, it will take longer for it to grow roots, but just be patient, it will stem off. Jades like lots of sun, so make sure to put it near a window.

There are hundreds of other plants and flowers you can purchase besides Jade. A close friend of ours started a small memorial planter with Forget Me Nots:

Bleeding Hearts are another beautiful alternative.

In short, Jade Plants are my personal favorite for memorial plants. They grow with such ease and are beautiful to look at. I hope that those of you who have received a cut from the Evel Tree will plant it with love and know that we are thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. We also hope you send us some pictures so we can post them!