Aug 13 2012

Jump Right In

Our Monthly Milestone Exchange is headed into its fourth month and we thought it would be nice to share some of the handmade goodies our participants have made (and maybe give our new participants some inspiration!)

Our SEPTEMBER Exchange is now open and we invite all of you who are anticipating a milestone in September to jump right in and sign-up. All entries due in by August 25th.

Thanks to all who put their hearts into creating these unique and extremely personal pieces. May they always remind us of the good times.

Jun 24 2012

In Memory: Donation Support



Our mission statement is: Helping families find their way back to life after loss.
Donations help us do that.
Our In Memory: Donation Support program will help all involved.

While there are many ways to honor the memory of pregnancies and babies gone too soon, friends and family often have no idea how. Some still feel “bringing them up” might upset you. In Memory: Donation Support was designed as an easy way for anyone to remember and support their friends or loved ones dealing with pregnancy and infant loss.

With every In Memory: donation, we will create and send a handmade tribute card to the family notifying them a donation has been made in their baby’s memory. Families are deeply impacted by donations made around their baby’s milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and due dates and these cards will be wonderful keepsakes for them.


We also offer custom creative services for families who wish to have donations made directly to Grieve Out Loud such as:

– in lieu of … donation cards for funerals, birthdays or other occasions
– please consider a donation in honor of my baby cards
– today is my baby’s birthday, please consider a donation in his/her memory
– an expression of sympathy donation cards
– donation statement cards

(More examples available. Contact with any questions)

Donations are accepted online through PayPal, or by check. Please for special instructions when mailing a check.

Any help we receive will directly help families in need. Here are just a few examples of how your donations translate into support:

$10 donation = 20 stamps for Pen-Pal cards
$20 donation = 1000 business cards
$30 donation = a 2 year renewal of our domain
$50 donation = 500 postcards for hospitals and clinics
$75+ donation = savings for our future babyloss convention

Please consider making an In Memory: Donation today!




Feb 11 2012

Project The First!

After my son was stillborn at 37 weeks, all I could think about were all the firsts I would miss with him. Things like his first step, first word, first birthday, first day of school, first boo-boo, first . . . the list goes on. While reminiscing with a friend over his pregnancy it dawned on me that it’s just too painful to focus on all the things we won’t experience and that I need to focus on the things we DID experience. Before I knew it, the list of firsts we shared together was multiplying, which prompted me to start our very first Grieve Out Loud Writing Challenge: Project The First!

Our first writing challenge was to write about the first piece of furniture you bought. When applicable we’re asking everyone to share their stories through comments, on our Facebook Page, on Twitter using #GOLthefirst, or creating a blog/journal entry. Every two weeks we will announce our next writing topic. Topics will vary from week to week. We hope you will consider participating!


Jan 15 2012

Year Two

January 2012 marks the two year anniversary of Grieve Out Loud.

I can remember our premier like it was yesterday. We weren’t entirely sure how people would find us, or if this would even “work out” — but we felt such a need and deep desire to help others who have experienced the kind of losses we had. We put together an elaborate resource page and created a unique Pen-Pal Program that has become an entire project all of its own.

We’re humbled by the families we have helped throughout the years.
Helping has always been our mission.

Today, on our two year anniversary, we are asking for your help.

We are asking you to please consider a donation to keep our website live. For the past two years our domain space has been graciously donated to us. We will lose our site come January 31, 2012 if we do not find a new provider.

If you would like to see us stick around and continue to help families, please consider a donation today.

Donations can be made through PayPal or mail (address available upon request).

Thank you in advance for your support. Regardless of the outcome, we will keep you posted on the fate of our organization.

Oct 14 2011

2011 Wave of Light

Saturday, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Everyone is invited to light a candle at 7 p.m. in ALL time zones, all over the world! Snap a picture and share who the candle is burning for.

In the past years many of you have submitted some amazing photos. I would like to keep the tradition going. If you aren’t already, please add us to your FB Page. When you have posted your pictures of your candles, tag us in the photo. In the next few days I will make us a photo collage of all the candles as a keepsake. Also looking for high-res pictures from your memorial activities that are going around in your city. These photos will be used to bring awareness on how important October 15th is and to show in picture how we find ways to remember our children. If you are not on FB please feel free to e-mail us your photos at

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s activities on the 15th. Every year more opportunities seem to pop up. Let us keep the awareness out there and remember our children in style!

(Photo from: Sweet Peat Project)

Sep 30 2011

A Look Back

Today is the last day of my 30 days of muchness challenge. Want to take a moment to look back and share some of my experiences with you.

Day 1 was probably the hardest day of my entire challenge. There was a family baby shower happening over Labor Day weekend and I knew I wanted to create something unique for baby H.

It was my first creative project (and baby shower) since my own son died and just the idea of creating something for another baby (boy) had me in limbo. Found some woodblocks at the resale shop a few days prior and with a little burst of creativity I decided to create some nursery artwork. With the help of some black acrylic paint, a sharpie, a ruler and spray adhesive I began digging into my fabric stash and pulling out some of my favorite swatches.

By day 3 my present was complete with an added bonus of swatches used in my son’s nursery. Now a little piece of my son will be shared with their new family.

Day 13 was a prep day for my husband’s birthday. Decided early on that I would create monster cupcakes for him. Went to the candy store and bought loads of penny candies for decorating.

Day 14 was his birthday and so began hand-creating 30 uniquely different cupcakes. Along the way I found myself creating cupcakes for our son, since his birthday would be coming up next. Decided right then and there that this year I would ask my friends and family to honor our son by making or buying a cupcake and sending us a picture.

Day 17 I gather my son’s urn and carried him downstairs to take his annual picture next to his memorial jade plant. It’s amazing to see how much his plant has grown!

Day 18 was his 2 year birthday. We spent the day at Kings Island and made sure to walk through Planet Snoopy in his honor. When we returned home my best friend surprised me with a visit. She wrote his name out in cupcakes and goodies and it really made my day.

Later that evening a friend sent me a picture of her jade plant and a cupcake for our boy. It was another heart-warmer because I actually took a cutting from my jade plant to send to her in memory of her son R.

Day 28 I woke up to balloons and candy! I thought for sure my husband got his days mixed up. Comes to find out he wanted to kick off my 30th birthday with 3 days of celebration!

Day 29 I woke up to a beautiful fall mum with a note “A mum for Mom” (which totally melted my heart!)

Day 30 it was all about my chocolate cake!!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed the look back on my 30 days of muchness. Thanks to all who followed my journey and kept me on the muchness track. Special thanks to Tova for thinking this up and sharing it with us! If you are interested in taking the muchness challenge yourself, click here for all the info.

Aug 25 2011

Topic: Baby Showers

Our next Online Support Group Chat Session is scheduled for this Monday, August 29th, starting at 9 p.m. eastern time.
This months topic will be Baby Showers.
We will share ideas, stories and memories from our own showers along with discussing how attending baby showers for friends and family makes us feel after our loss.

Our Group Sessions are through and it is very simple (and free) to join us!

1) Visit

2) When prompted the password is: babyloss (the password to broadcast your webcame is also babyloss)

It’s that easy!

Hope you can join our meeting! Even if you don’t have a lot of time, we would love for you to jump in and say hello. At the end of this meeting we will talk about next months topic. What would you like the topic to be?

Apr 13 2011

Online Support Group Meetings!

It is with great excitement we are announcing the launch of our Online Support Group Meetings!

Our first meeting is set for Saturday, April 16th starting at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Here’s how to join us.

1) Follow this invite link to set up your account through Hiring for Hope (completely free!) Once you sign up feel free to jump on the discussion boards, chat with members online and customize your profile. All your information is kept private. It is a members only space, so you must set up an account before entering any chat sessions.

2) The chat program is called Zorap. It does require a small download of software that takes two minutes. Once you install it you’re ready to go!

3) At 1 p.m. Eastern time CLICK HERE to join our meeting!

It’s that simple!

Many, many thanks to the folks at Hiring for Hope for graciously donating this interactive space for us to connect.

Our first support group meeting will be a meet and greet. We’ll introduce ourselves, tell our stories and talk about what is happening now. Next month we will start breaking the meetings up into specific sessions. Some examples would be:

– Stillbirth Session
– Miscarriage Session
– Loss of Multiples Session
– Due Date Celebrations
– Infertility Discussions
– Preterm Labor
– TTC / Pregnancy after Loss

…the list goes on. Hope to see all of you there! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to !

Jan 15 2011

One Year, New Years

It’s hard to believe 2011 is here! During this time last year our team was being established and Grieve Out Loud started. Would like to take a moment to thank all of our team members for helping mold Grieve Out Loud into what it is today. I could not have done it alone and am beyond thankful for all they do.

Would like to thank this entire community for helping us spread the word of our Pen-Pal program. Many thanks to our facebook friends who have come together as their own community who encourage and love each other every single day. To all the people who requested business cards and helped locally distribute them to families who need us. To all our Pen-Pal’s who took a risk and found true comfort in talking with men and women who know exactly how they feel. To anyone who sent our link to someone who needed it. We thank you all so much. It has been an honor and a pleasure talking with all of you and look forward to growing in 2011.

We have a lot in store for you this year. Our big Pregnancy after Loss series will be starting soon. Mostly I truly hope that 2011 will be the best year ever for all of us. Remember there are so many ways in which we can help you.

Our Pen-Pal program is open to anyone and includes:

– Pregnancy and infant loss for mothers, fathers and grandparents
– TTC (trying to conceive) after loss
– Pregnancy after loss

You aren’t alone. If you need someone to talk with do not hesitate to contact us at

Once again, thank you all for your support and kindness. Cheers to 2011 and all the mystery it has in store for us.

With Love,
Julie – Grieve Out Loud Founder

Nov 10 2010

A Timeline of Tales – TTC After Loss

Welcome to Part II of our TTC After Loss series. For information on Part I please click here to familiarize yourself with the setup.

This week we continue sharing and comparing real answers to popular questions surrounding TTC. Please remember that everyone’s bodies and stories are different. Don’t worry if your personal answers to these questions differ from what is posted. We are posting these simply to shine light on the average numbers and give hope to those who might be struggling with questions.

How long are your cycles?

We asked thirty women how long their cycles (first day of period to beginning of their next period) were and the average was twenty-nine (29) days. Over half of these women have the typical twenty-eight (28) day cycle.

But fear not, sneaked inside these numbers were women with thirty day (30) plus cycle days. Don’t feel like a freak of nature if you have long cycles. Even though us long cyclers might have to wait a little longer, there is nothing wrong with you — your chances of conception are no different than short cyclers.

When do you ovulate?

Given the same thirty women as above, the average day of ovulation is cycle day fifteen (15.)

Of course, this number does not work for everyone. Some women ovulate as early as day eleven (11) and as late as day twenty-two (22.) As mentioned in Part I of our TTC after Loss piece, ovulation kits and fertility monitors can help a lot of women watch for and prepare for their big O (ovulation.)

Stress, sickness, travel and other factors can interrupt ‘regular’ ovulation by a few days, even weeks for some. Frustrating yes, but not unheard of.

When do you start (pregnancy) testing?

I start as early as six Days Past Ovulation (DPO.) I know better, but there is something strangely comforting in peeing on tests for me.” Grieve Out Loud founder – Julie

It’s true, there is something to be said about early testing. A lot of women commented that they start as early as the day after ovulation. Women also commented with “If I have tests in the house, I’m going to use them.”

But seeing negative tests – or Big Fat Negatives (BFN) collect in your waste-bin isn’t exactly easy on the heart. The Two Week Wait (2WW) is what you will hear from your doctors. Fourteen days is waaaayyyy too long for most though.

Some women have reported faint positive tests as early as nine DPO, but the average is 10-14 DPO. Note this is just on average, you might be able to test earlier, or wait longer. It really depends on your average Luteal Phase (LP.) If your LP is normally 12-14 days, test on the last day of your LP.

If you are on Fertility Friend they have an awesome Chart Gallery you can search.

How do you handle your BFN’s?

Disappointing, but I just tried to tell myself that it wasn’t our time yet.” – Holly

This was a very difficult question to ask these families. Finding out all your efforts and hope has failed another month is very hard. You are not a failure. Your partner is not a failure. Be gentle to yourself.

Personally, I have what is called a “Period Party.” Have a few extra glasses of wine, eat handfuls of sushi (and chocolate!) — whatever the case may be. It is sad not to achieve pregnancy, but remember there is always next month!

What if we’re still not pregnant?

TTC after Loss has a way of slowing down the entire universe. Sometimes three or four cycles can feel like three or four years. Keep your hopes high, because the journey is not always smooth.

Some women lose their fertility or even worse, the ability to carry a child after their loss. If after six cycles of perfectly timed intercourse has passed without your Big Fat Positive (BFP) it might be time to consult your doctor. If there is an infertility problem, you might want to check out a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and begin fertility treatments. Please note there is a huge difference between not getting pregnant and having infertility problems. Fertility treatments can be a very serious and expensive route to take. Sometimes families try for years and years before seeing a RE. Make sure you are timing intercourse properly before assuming you have an infertility problem.

A good rule of thumb is this, so long as there are no medical reason(s) standing in your way — the way you conceived before will be the way you conceive again. Don’t run to a RE after two months of trying. Let things happen as they will. We know the wait is hard, but we’ve all had to do it. Be strong and positive.

But I just can’t wait! Who can I talk to in more detail about this whole TTC after Loss journey?

You aren’t alone friend, there are plenty of places to help you get through it.

We are currently putting together a Pen-Pal list for parents who are TTC again. You can talk one-on-one with someone who has conceived after loss naturally, through IUI, IVF, FET, and adoption. We also have a group of women who are in the waiting period of TTC, along with actively TTC (me included.) For more information or to get set up with a Pen-Pal .

Other great sites include Glow in the Woods’ ttc | pregnancy | birth after loss board and Faces of Loss’ Forum.


Don’t give up hope folks. TTC after Loss can be a lonely, stressful, mind-altering journey. It does not have to be though. Let us help you get through the rough patches and share the good times with you.

Next we will be moving onto the well-awaited Pregnancy after Loss! Learn more about how long it takes to achieve pregnancy after loss, the emotions surrounding the BFP, when it is time to share the news, preparing for birth after loss and much much more!