The First!

Project The First! is a writing challenge created in early 2012 to help us all focus on the firsts we experienced in our pregnancies. This writing challenge was designed for all families to participate in with topics ranging from first purchases, to first day home from the hospital. Together we will retell the story and emotions surrounding our children and their loss all while keeping their memories alive. When applicable we encourage everyone to share their stories with us by comments, on our Facebook page, on Twitter using #GOLthefirst, or on your personal blog/journal. Here are some of the past writing topics.

- The first piece of furniture you bought for the nursery.

- Who was the first person you told about your pregnancy (besides your significant other)? How far along were you? How did they react?

- What was your first craving? Food or drink? Savory or sweet? Junk food or health food? How long did the cravings last?

- What was your baby’s first nickname?

- What were your first thoughts of motherhood? Were you actively trying or was your first baby a surprise?