Jun 18 2010

Directing Grief – For Dads

Do you have any male Pen-Pals for my husband?” – Jessica W.

Dear Jessica,

Yes! We just added our first Dad to the Grieve Out Loud team! You can either send us an e-mail on behalf of your husband to or you can supply us with his e-mail and we will make the First Step for you. Dads need someone to talk with just as much as mothers and especially with Father’s Day coming up this weekend, it might be a very difficult time for any dad. Talking with another babylost father would be a great treat for him.


If you are a father who has experience with pregnancy and infant loss and would like to join the Grieve Out Loud team please today. Being apart of the Pen-Pal Program is a very rewarding experience and is also a wonderful way to honor your lost child(ren). We look forward to hearing from you Daddy-O’s soon. And Happy Early Father’s Day to you all!