Online Support Group Meetings!

It is with great excitement we are announcing the launch of our Online Support Group Meetings!

Our first meeting is set for Saturday, April 16th starting at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Here’s how to join us.

1) Follow this invite link to set up your account through Hiring for Hope (completely free!) Once you sign up feel free to jump on the discussion boards, chat with members online and customize your profile. All your information is kept private. It is a members only space, so you must set up an account before entering any chat sessions.

2) The chat program is called Zorap. It does require a small download of software that takes two minutes. Once you install it you’re ready to go!

3) At 1 p.m. Eastern time CLICK HERE to join our meeting!

It’s that simple!

Many, many thanks to the folks at Hiring for Hope for graciously donating this interactive space for us to connect.

Our first support group meeting will be a meet and greet. We’ll introduce ourselves, tell our stories and talk about what is happening now. Next month we will start breaking the meetings up into specific sessions. Some examples would be:

– Stillbirth Session
– Miscarriage Session
– Loss of Multiples Session
– Due Date Celebrations
– Infertility Discussions
– Preterm Labor
– TTC / Pregnancy after Loss

…the list goes on. Hope to see all of you there! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to !

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