Spring Ahead

A few days ago the dog and and I went on a neighborhood adventure walk. The weather was perfect and pushed us farther than we’d ever gone before. In the middle of an unknown road I caught a glimpse of something growing out of cracks in the road. (Something close to the picture below.)

I stopped in the middle of the road to marvel.
It amazed me that something so beautiful could sprout in the middle of nowhere.
A true work of art.
Nature nourishing itself.
It made me think of how beautifully odd life can be.
Made me wonder if my son planted those seeds for me.

Hope all of you are finding the beauty in life. Hope your memorial plants are springing and your children are sending you secret love notes. Mine certainly did.

Photo: http://www.orangejuice-etc.com

2 Responses to “Spring Ahead”

  • Erin Says:

    I went for my first counselling session today. My counsellor recommended this webiste to use as a resource. I love it already and found this article very touching. I hope in the future I can see beautiful things and think of my son. Thank you.

  • Holly Says:

    How amazing that something can settle and grow in a place like that.

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