Grief Relief – Period

In honor of pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, in conjunction with our three-year anniversary, we are launching the “Grieve Out Loud Grief Relief.” Read about Grief Relief here.

Today we are asking for a personal submission. When was your first post-delivery period? Did it come naturally, or was it on medically (ie: Provera?) Furthermore, how did it make you feel both physically and mentally?


E-Mail Submission Guidelines are as follow, here:

1) All submissions are to be sent to with the subject “Period.”

2) Copy and paste your original piece into the body of the e-mail. No attachments please.

3) Please include a one paragraph bio including your name, your baby’s name, type of loss, and blog URL if applicable.

4) All submissions are subject to editorial review and may be edited for clarity. We may only utilize a small portion of your work.

5) Submissions due by 11/01/12

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