Grief Relief – Public Blogging


In honor of pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, in conjunction with our three-year anniversary, we are launching the “Grieve Out Loud Grief Relief.”

We will be asking for your personal stories on topics such as pregnancy and infant loss, trying to conceive after loss, pregnancy after loss, and parenting after loss. With your help we will be able to help families foresee some of the twists and turns on the rollercoaster of grief. Your personal stories will become the 2013 Grieve Out Loud Grief Relief Brochure.

Throughout the entire month of October we will be asking for your submissions to specific topics, link. Today we want to know your personal thoughts and experiences with Public Blogging. Here are some things you could include in your piece.

Did you start your own loss-specific blog?
Was it hard to get started?
How did you build your audience?
Who are your favorite loss blogs to follow?
Where did you find the blogs you currently follow?
How often do you blog?
Do you comment on other blogs?
What stops you from commenting?
Do you wish you had more followers?
Did you stop following blogs after the blogger became pregnant?
How did you ‘end’ your blog?
What would have kept you blogging?
Do you believe blogging is healing?


E-Mail Submission Guidelines are as follow:

1) All submissions are to be sent to with the subject “Public Blogging.”

2) Copy and paste your original piece into the body of the e-mail. No attachments please.

3) Please include a one paragraph bio including your name, your baby’s name, type of loss, and blog URL if applicable.

4) All submissions are subject to editorial review and may be edited for clarity. We may only utilize a small portion of your work.

5) Submissions due by 11/01/12


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