Butterfly Giveaway

Does seeing a butterfly remind you of your baby? Well, here’s your chance to win one of three decorative butterflies that are ready for you to customize!


Each of these three plastic butterflies have been primed and are ready for you to paint or decorate however your heart desires! Sizes are small (5 inches wide), medium (7.5 inches wide), and large (9.5 inches wide).

To enter, leave a comment and tell us how you would customize your butterfly to represent your baby (we’ll also need your name and e-mail address). You will automatically be entered for all three giveaways. We will announce the winners here, on twitter, and our facebook page on Friday, September 14th!

Winner of the small butterfly will be randomly selected on Monday, September 10. Winner of the medium butterfly will be randomly selected on Tuesday, September 11. Winner of the large butterfly will be randomly selected on Wednesday, September 12.

29 comments on “Butterfly Giveaway

  1. I lost two girls 5 years apart. My first daughter all her stuff is pink and for my second daughter all her things were purple so I’d decorate one of each. if I got them my husband and I would paint them together.

  2. The day my son passed away, I was sitting on the porch and was praying to God. I prayed that if God had him safe in his arms to send me a sign. Well right then a yellow butterfly with black on the ends of its wings landed on my right foot and just sat there. So I would paint my butterfly yellow with black on the ends of its wings. It would be awesome to have this to remember by!

  3. Well I would paint mine blue for my Gabriel he was born sleeping on Oct 26,2010. I think about him all the time!!!

  4. My son’s birthday just passed and to honor him we did a butterfly release at his grave. It was really special. If we were to win one of these butterflies I would let my other son do most of the decorating. He misses his brother so much and loves to honor him in every way possible. The birth stones for my two boys are aquamarine and peridot. So a beautiful combination of blues and greens would be perfect.

  5. I would customis mine sunshine yellow and a light/med purple because when our son died, my grandmother, who has since passed, bought us a yellow rose bush to remind us that everytime we see a yellow rose it would remind us of our lil sunshine and purple as it is my favorite color. By the way, my grandmother LOVED butterflies!! I

  6. Loosing my son @ 18 mos was the most horrifying experience. My love of butterflies has been a part of ny life before I lost Ezekiel. I find them to be delicate & free creatures. Like myself! A representation of the person I am and that God blessed me with this tiny lil creature but wasn’t meant to become a butterfly and come into this world. In November, it Will be a year later and Ezekiel Will still remain Forever in my heart.

  7. I would paint my butterfly like a rainbow in honor of Rainbow baby boy Robert after my 2 miscarriages.

  8. I would paint this black, purple and white like the butterfly that visited my yard when I prayed for a sign from our angel Micah Grace!

  9. I love butterflies and I also have a 7 year old son who was 5 when we lost our baby brother and he says that when butterflies visit they are our baby brother Leo. I would use different blues and teals to paint the butterfly with black borders and use some gossamer dust to accentuate it like a real butterfly. No matter which size I won, I would give it a ribbon hanger and place it in my son’s area in our home. Possibly hanging on his memory board. Thank you for the opportunity to win something with so much potential!

  10. My daugther Rebecca Lynn was still born Feb. 08,2009, my husband and i always called her our little Monarch so everytime we see a Monarch we always say theres Rebecca saying Hello Mommy and Daddy iam doing fine and i love you. I would like to make one of these butterflies look like a beautiful Monarch with lots of sparchles for our little Rebecca Lynn our little butterfly that is always remembered and never forgotting always in out hearts. We love you and miss you so very much love mommy and daddy.

  11. I love seeing butterflies;) They remind me of all the beautiful babies we all lost… When I am sad though and I see a butterfly I think about my Princess Peanut and I smile;)) I would paint it pink and purple these two special colors always make me think of her… I would also put glitter on it to make her shine bright;))

  12. I would paint the butterfly purple and put her name somewhere on it. And I would write on it, “she’s our butterfly, free to keep flying”

  13. I have always absolutely loved butterflies. But since my two angel babies went to heaven in 2012 butterflies have held a special place in my heart. I would love to put her name (Katelynne)along the width of each section on the wings along the right side. The butterfly would be painted with a combination of colors possibly including pink, purple, & turqoise (my favorite color). Thanks so much for offering such an inspiring gift!

  14. I joined this group not for me but for my best friend and sister who lost the princess we so anxiously waited for during labor on May 31,2012. Her name IS Elizianys Marie. If I won the butterflies I would paint them Green, Pink and Brown, because this is the theme in Elizianys room…the room that was ready for our princess, all decorated, closet filled with clothes, pampers, wipes and most importantly unconditional love. Its a quiet room now but when I walked in I got this feeling of anticipation, like the room was still waiting to be occupied but i believe it was god saying he will bless again soon. I will make one for the next baby to because we have incredible faith it will be a girl again,and she will always be a part of her sister. I would paint the other one for her mom, because she is the cocoon that kept her safe while she transformed into beautiful butterflies…

  15. If I were to win I would paint them both in my angel, mine & my other halfs birth stone colour. I would paint them the same as I like all our stuff to match x x

  16. Butterflies remind me of my Evelyne. We released them on her 1st Birthday. If I were to win this I would write her name on it and paint it pink and purple:-) I would hang it on my kitchen window and watch it shine in the sun:-)

  17. I would let my 2 rainbows decorate it, Its our angel Niamhs anniversary on the 9th sept so that could be their special present to their older sister, that way they would feel like they are doing something for her. Always in our hearts, much loved and never forgotten xx

  18. I would paint it all colors of the rainbow and donate it to the pnl office at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, where my angel was born.

  19. If I won a butterfly, I would definitely punch a small hole so I could run a ribbon through it to hang it up & hot glue different colored pieces broken glass to it in a mosaic style with my husband. Doing crafts together is one of the few things that get us BOTH talking about our son Gavin. It’s been a beautiful way to allow him to express his grief with me.

    We released butterflies on Gavin’s 1st birthday, and now every time we see a butterfly my husband stops and watches it. It’s so special.

  20. I don’t know what gender my two miscarriages were, so would paint the butterfly various shades of purple (my favourite colour!) and hang it somewhere I can see it every day. I’ll use non-toxic paint so it can be played with my my niece/goddaughter, who is a big fan of butterflies (I recently made this card for her first birthday – https://twitter.com/#!/ootastic/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FU8SfPZkj).

  21. My son jonah was born still August 26, 2011. that day we saw lots of butterflies and hummingbirds. i always feel his presence when i see butterflies

  22. I would love to make a navy butterfly! Navy reminds me so much of my sweet baby who was stillborn in February!

  23. If I were to win a butterfly,I would paint it two different shades of purple and allow my two younger sisters to decorate it. I say two different shades because one shade would represent my daughter Zion who passed due to miscarriage and the other shade for my youngest sister who was born 7months prior (stillborn). As it has affected my mother’s and my life, I fell as thought my sisters were the most hurt by the passings. We would place the butterfly in between my daughters and sisters grave site b/c they are buried right next to one another

  24. I would paint mine purple, green and orange. Purple and green for my little girl. Charlotte Grace was stillborn at 26 weeks. Orange for my little boy. Cameron Grayson was born at 30 weeks, 11 months after his big sister. Love them both with all my heart.

  25. I would make mine pink and use an S hole punch to put that letter on the wings in honor of my daughter Sophia .

  26. oh! i love butterflies. i would paint the butterfly blues and greens and purples with bright spots of orange and yellow. someday i hope to be in our own house…right now we live with my husband’s parents…and have a place to put xavier’s things, but for now i keep them packed away in a box in the closet switching out items every now and again to display on our dresser. wonderful giveaway!

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