Project The First!

After my son was stillborn at 37 weeks, all I could think about were all the firsts I would miss with him. Things like his first step, first word, first birthday, first day of school, first boo-boo, first . . . the list goes on. While reminiscing with a friend over his pregnancy it dawned on me that it’s just too painful to focus on all the things we won’t experience and that I need to focus on the things we DID experience. Before I knew it, the list of firsts we shared together was multiplying, which prompted me to start our very first Grieve Out Loud Writing Challenge: Project The First!

Our first writing challenge was to write about the first piece of furniture you bought. When applicable we’re asking everyone to share their stories through comments, on our Facebook Page, on Twitter using #GOLthefirst, or creating a blog/journal entry. Every two weeks we will announce our next writing topic. Topics will vary from week to week. We hope you will consider participating!


One Response to “Project The First!”

  • Michele Says:

    a crib :)

    we had this beautiful, pine crib… it was in its box when Nicholas and Sophia were born because the nursery wasnt ready… we put it together for Alexander, but ended up finishing the nursery after he was born and died… Bobby and Maya finally slept in that beautiful, pine crib, and although they were the first, we always thought of it as a hand-me-down from their siblings.

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