The First!: Our New Writing Challenge

First and foremost it is with great pleasure that we announce that Grieve Out Loud is here to stay! Thanks to our gracious members and followers we were able to save our domain and continue to help families find their way back to life after such devastating losses.

That being said we are kicking off February with our very first writing challenge called “The First!”

When I came home from the hospital empty handed and broken-hearted after our son was stillborn, I struggled with all “the firsts” we would never see our son experience. Things like first step, first word, first art project he would make me, first day of school. The list of firsts would continue to multiply in my head and there was no escaping the sadness I felt.

Until one day I begin reminiscing with a friend about the firsts we DID experience together. And just like that I felt the flood gates of happy memories open and I felt undeniably close to my boy again. After all, we spent 37 wonderful weeks together, certainly there were plenty of stories to share.

And so we want to share this writing challenge with you! Every two weeks we will post a challenge question. We encourage you to share your experience with us either through comment, sharing a link to your blog/journal, sharing on our Facebook page or by Twitter using #GOLthefirst. The questions are chosen at random.

This week we ask: What was the first piece of furniture you bought for the nursery? Feel free to share photos!

6 Responses to “The First!: Our New Writing Challenge”

  • Anika Says:

    The first thing we bought for the nursery was a pushchair/pram/crib combo set. So exciting to get it set up!

  • Ana Nicholson Says:

    The first thing that we bought for our sweet girl was a soft lambskin rug for the nursery. Something soft and comforting for her to lay on.
    For the 3 months of her life spent here at home, it was her favorite place to snuggle.

  • Amanda Glant Says:

    The first thing that I bought after I found out I was pregnant was a bassinet. I knew it was something that I would need right away.

  • Mandy Says:

    I was given a cradle when I found out I was pregnant that I was so excited about. I planned out the blankets for it but sadly didn’t get to use it. I got it out again when we got pregnant last year and sadly we lost another. I recently had my husband put it away in a shed so I didn’t have to see it.

  • Rebecca Says:

    We bought the crib, dresser, and chest. I was so excited to buy light colored furtniture for my little girl to go with all the pink and green!

  • Holly Says:

    Iwas gonna do a blog post but we actually didn’t buy any furniture so I wouldn’t have anything to write about. We had a daughter before Carleigh so we planned to reuse everything.

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